You Have Already Changed the World.

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If your life goal (or one of your life goals) is to change the world… THEN DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!

Not necessarily good news or bad news. Just news.Read More »


Blessed Are the Misfits: A Review

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I was recently blessed with the opportunity to read a book that is super wizard.

Wizard means awesome in that context, I’ll have you know. It’s a 1920s thing, I think.

Anyways, this book intrigued me when I saw it on Netgalley– for starters, Blessed are the Misfits? What an excellent title! As a misfit, I felt an instant connection with the book. The description of the book was something about introverted neurologically atypical Christians who feel like modern church culture and just pop culture make no sense. I felt an even stronger connection to this book.Read More »

Some Cat Photos and Also Free Book

Hello, humans! And nonhumans, and metahumans!

First things first, my book is free on Kindle this weekend. 😉 so if you need a light read this weekend, don’t forget it.


I have some posts planned (my non-bullet-journal-but-kind-of-like-one-thing, writing, my favorite books…) but not enough time to write them all up, what with school. But I do have some photos of my cat, and since I love seeing other people’s cat photos, here are a few. 😉 Also some family members’ cats are in there too. 😉


So, a short post today. Sorry about that, guys! Remember, don’t be a dead fish, and keep Reveling in God’s creation!


The actual post

Do you like cats? Did you have a good week of school?

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