Combating Dark: Middle Grade Fiction

Hold on to hope if you got it; don’t let it go for nobody; they say dreamin’ is free but I wouldn’t care what it cost me.

— Paramore, 26

‘Sup my dudes and dudettes and Hutts?

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Some Cat Photos and Also Free Book

Hello, humans! And nonhumans, and metahumans!

First things first, my book is free on Kindle this weekend. 😉 so if you need a light read this weekend, don’t forget it.


I have some posts planned (my non-bullet-journal-but-kind-of-like-one-thing, writing, my favorite books…) but not enough time to write them all up, what with school. But I do have some photos of my cat, and since I love seeing other people’s cat photos, here are a few. 😉 Also some family members’ cats are in there too. 😉


So, a short post today. Sorry about that, guys! Remember, don’t be a dead fish, and keep Reveling in God’s creation!


The actual post

Do you like cats? Did you have a good week of school?

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The First Writing Post


*magical sparkly and somewhat cheesy 60’s sci-fi noises*

That was… oddly specific, to say the least. (I just typed ‘to say the lest’, good grief… which reminds me, yesterday I was texting Effie and I tried to say ‘good grief’ and my phone changed it to ‘good fries’ at the last minute…)

This is my first writing post of the new blog! (parenthetical exclamation marks here)

Yes, I did just say ‘parenthetical exclamation marks here’ instead of typing the exclamation marks, which I’m aware would’ve taken less time. Anyways, that’s beside the point and I haven’t even really started the post yet. I’m just… wasting time and rambling. Continue reading

Reveling: A Definition, of Sorts


this is also going to be my blog button, I think. 😉 

Reveling: It means enjoying yourself. It means enjoying life. It also has some negative connotations, but that’s humanity for you. Complicating stuff as usual.

I want to look around at the world and be amazed. I want to see God’s creation with fresh eyes daily. I want to run, leap, splash, love, laugh, throw things, taste coffee, and jump on tables because of the amazing things God has done.

But that’s hard because… the world has lots of not-so-shiny stuff in it. Sometimes it’s hard to look at the world and see anything other than… *tries to come up with clever word* blech. Continue reading

Welcome, welcome.

Hello, Revelings!


Hello, and welcome to Lead the Revels. You know me (probably?? I mean, possibly?) as Daisy Paquet, blogger, author, sarcastic tweeter, sporadic instagrammer, dragoncologist, Goodreads reviewer, YWP’er, etc… and actually a lot of these things are… no longer true. I no longer do Instagram or Twitter and I am taking a long break from the YWP and Goodreads. So… I mean, I’m still Batgirl and I’m still a dragoncologist?? Continue reading